Arizona Foreclosure Anti-deficiency Rule Also Applies To Vacant Land

Arizona Foreclosure Anti-deficiency Rule Also Applies To Vacant Land

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In a decision issued on December 27, 2011, the Arizona Court of Appeals held that Arizona's anti-deficiency statute applies to debtors who purchase vacant land with the intent to reside on the property upon completion of construction of a home – even if they do not complete construction or actually occupy the property.

In M&I Marshall & Ilsley Bank v. Mueller, the debtors purchased a vacant lot on which they intended to construct a single-family home. The debtors borrowed approximately $440,000 from M&I Bank to finance the construction. Many months into the construction the debtors experienced construction delays. The debtors defaulted on the note and M&I conducted a non-judicial foreclosure on the property. After foreclosure, M&I sued the debtors for the resulting deficiency. The trial court held that the debtors were entitled to protection under Arizona's anti-deficiency statute.

This is a change from the commonly-held interpretation (and even the plain language) of A.R.S. § 33-814 that the property must be “utilized” as a dwelling before it receives anti-deficiency protection.

M&I has until February 24th, 2012 to appeal this decision, and I expect that they will. So, this issue is far from resolved. However, there's a solid chance that Arizona's already excellent anti-deficiency laws will now cover raw land purchased for the intent of building a primary residence

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