Avoid the RAT RACE to get the BIGGER Cheese

Avoid the RAT RACE to get the BIGGER Cheese

As one might say if there is one constant thing in this world it’s got to be tax.  So whichever state or country you are in, it is certain that landowners have real property tax obligations. 


So anywhere in the world, you are almost certain to find landowners who have payment problems on their properties, making it a tax delinquent property.  Nowadays, the real estate business focuses on real properties that are tax delinquent because of the main reason that the landowners of these said lands are willing to sell their properties for a ridiculously low amount or whatever they can get from the buyer. They are most likely to accept a tiny offer and make some money off of their property than to completely lose it and not get anything at all. This is actually great news for us, the Tax Delinquent Investor.


With a small amount of investment you can possibly make a huge profit in a short period of time, especially if you have the connections and have the “know-how” in reselling these properties. What I found out is, with this kind of trend in the market, the competition is very high. As we all know, when the competition is high the asking price of the tax delinquent land might also be pegged higher than normal, thus making your profit a little bit less.  There is a way to eliminate or lessen this competition between realtors, though.  To do this, try not to focus on tax delinquent lands that are located in the key metropolitan cities. Like if you are in Florida you don’t go to Miami or if you are in California you don’t look into San Francisco to make your investment on tax delinquent properties because the competition on these key cities is very high. 


The theory of supply and demand applies on these kinds of real properties. The higher the demand of the supply and or land the higher the price it can reach.  Instead of going to these key cities you could go to the rural area or less developed area that is accessible from the main city.  On these said area cost of lands are not as high and competition among realtors is less making purchasing easier and more profitable. Like the lifestyles in the metro, competition in the Metro resembles a Rat Race. The Tax Delinquent Investment business is one of the few opportunities available where avoiding the rat race can actually get you more cheese.

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