How do you know when you’re talking to the right person? In my experience, at times when a seller is interested in disposing his or her junk or tax delinquent property, the one that phones me isn’t the owner of the property. It’s either someone who has a strong connection with the owner or a relative of the owner. A family member or an associate usually represents the owner. Even if you aren’t talking to the actual owner, you shouldn’t take the call for granted. Nevertheless, you should try to acquire the most pertinent details about the property while you are on the phone with these people. This makes the research a lot faster and a whole lot easier. Be courteous with them for they can influence the seller’s decision. If you happen to sound disrespectful, then it’ll just bring you down to an unsuccessful deal.


Try to be diligent in asking questions on how you can get hold of the owner. Ask for the owner’s contact number and his or her availability to take your call. You can at least settle for an email address. You should know that a way to a successful transaction is to learn how to avoid the red tape. Try to ask if the property’s been listed with a real estate company. If it happens to be listed, then it would be wiser to contact the company than the owner of the property. Though the process in transacting with the owner is totally different with a real estate company, you should be polite and learn how to take care each other’s interest when it comes to the property. Keep in mind that your offer usually would need to be higher with them because of their commission, etc.


Getting a hold of the right person to speak with will be to your advantage.  Why waste your time with someone who can’t decide to sell when you can develop a skill to recognize a sure hitter? In the tax delinquent investment business, it is essential to speak with the right people or else, you’ll be wasting time and loosing profits.

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    My name is Steve, 45, from phoenix and I’m permanantly DISABLED. I have Epilepsy, C.O.P.D, Asthma, Chronic Bronchitus, a prosthetic shoulder, a cancer surviver, and twice in my younger years tried suiside. My wife and I are squeezing so hard not to lose our home that I cant even get all my needed medications. None of the organizations will help us. I am worn down and go to bed every other night crying. I lack comprehension due to my epilepsy and as unorthidox as this may sound, I need to discuss your plan WITH YOU in laymen terms that I may understand. THIS IS NOT A CRANK BT A CRY FOR HELP…..This was a upper middle class home until the recession but now I feel like lower class and useless……PLEASE HELP


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