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When I first discovered my direct tax delinquent property investment method, I immediately looked for interested people to pilot-test it. We looked for the following people among our circle of friends:

1. those really interested in investing;
2. those who receptive to learn our system;
3. those with NO knowledge on real estate;
4. those with NO knowledge on computers;
5. those who wanted to change their life;
6. those who wanted to earn;
7. those who wanted to leave their 8-hour job or supplement their current income;

We found 2.

We trained them, teaching them everything that we know. They followed everything from listing to filtering, title search, letters, mapping, buying properties, making an offer and selling.

They learned only the basic of Microsoft Office and Internet applications for letters to their 100 listed real property owners, county officers, treasurer, assessors, clerks, etc. They explored the internet for additional and complimentary information like title searches, technical property development principles, legal state laws on real property, maps and other real property ads.

After only a few sessions of basic learning on tax delinquent property investing tools, they made their first deals. One right of the bat bought and sold 15 tax delinquent properties and earned a net of $400,000 that same year.

Our system was successful! It was useful for anyone. It was useful even with people who have no knowledge on computers and real estate investment, as long as they are motivated to learn and change the course of their life.

Here's what some students have to say about Jack's Training Programs...


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  • Jim Johnson
    Posted at 00:41h, 07 March

    I found your blog today and love it, keep up the good work!

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