Basic Maps

Basic Maps

Maps are one of the important documents that you have to research, review and keep in inspecting properties. You can easily find map analysis of these technical maps online., and are few of the websites that provide such technical findings in a simpler format.

Few maps can help you with your data needs. Those maps range as follows:
1. plat map;
2. thematic map;
3. weather map;
4. tax base map;
5. population map;

Plat map just points the exact location of a property and its adjacent communities. Plat map sometime shows important landmarks like train tracks or roads. Thematic map delineates many geographic features like forests, roads and political boundaries. It indicates transportation channels, like railroad and bus routes. A transportation map can illustrate you more detailed transportation channels.

Weather map shows meteorological quantities at various levels of the atmosphere. It shows temperature, wind directions and wind direction. This map often translates into flood, typhoon, tornado maps.

Flood map plots the flood area. It will inform you if a property is flood-prone or not. When a property is within the flood area, drop the property from the list. Typhoon map shows the typhoon path. The map sometimes details the frequency and intensity of typhoons that pass through a community. Likewise, a tornado map can also be available to show you where a tornado often hits. When a property is within the typhoon or tornado path, drop it. Any household would not likely reside in such a dangerous location.

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