Imagine yourself in a beach resort in the Caribbean. The sun is hot and blushing your skin, you feel the warm air brushing your hair away from your face; you taste the saltiness of the air and just take pleasure in the captivating panorama of the ocean. You're wearing a Hawaiian polo shirt unbuttoned, big aviators, and just feeling the white powdery and soft sand against your heel, you suddenly noticed an abandoned property fronting the beach and because you fell in love with the place, you asked around and learned that it has been abandoned for non-payment of property taxes. You have just found yourself a perfect tax delinquent investment but you didn’t really know what just hit you. What would you normally do? You would probably just think, what a waste of a good piece of property. But you don’t have to be in the Caribbean to miss these types of things – even in your own neighbourhood, you might have passed through so many properties that could have been available.

Once you become a seasoned and experienced Tax Delinquent Investor, you would then take all the necessary steps to acquire these gem properties just like what you had just discovered. As an expert, you would have then asked around and tried to get a hold of the owner. You would try to find out where the owner’s from. More than likely they live out of state. Just as you would do for any other property that is a candidate for your investment, you probe the area and look for the potential of the land, while you’re already at this abandoned property. Each time you are in the vicinity of a prospective tax delinquent investment, you must turn on your senses to maximum capacity. A lot of questions prance through your head, a lot of possibilities rush through your consciousness, you then come back to earth and realized that you need to send a letter to the property owner to propose and state your interest in it. Excitedly, you hurriedly go back to your hotel room and make the most sincere, direct and goal-oriented letter. Luckily, that same night you’re scheduled to go back to New York. You send your letter through the post with no delay. Days passed and you receive a response from the owner. You made a phone call to his mobile number and introduced yourself politely. You basically established good rapport by being sincere about your interest with the property and you were already talking about other things of common interest, instead of mentioning the deal hurriedly. You tried to validate some of the information you had by recalling the time when you were still at that abandoned property and jotting some notes. Because of a very remarkable phone call – you established good rapport and founded a trusting and sincere relationship. What you have now is a professional relationship with a prospect owner, your Tax Delinquent Property Owner, the key person that can earn you lots of dough.

The Basic Principles of a Good Deal only involves having a more direct and tactful personality towards the prospective seller. Being able to establish good rapport when making a phone call and by doing your own homework or simply by researching about the property before offering a price ears you a very positive response response. With these in mind, nothing will definitely go wrong. You are on your way to cash heaven.

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