Being a leader means being open to new methods

Being a leader means being open to new methods

I love talking about being a leader. I am fascinated by the fact that so many people want to be in charge, but they actually have no idea how to do it. I am the CEO of a company, a husband and father, and I have seen that being a leader is not about screaming, bullying, and throwing my weight around. Being a leader is about bringing out the best in your team and getting the job done.  Let’s talk about that last part for a moment.
In English, there are a lot of curious sayings that we don’t have in German. One of the strangest is “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” I can’t imagine why you would need to skin a cat in the first place, let alone need multiple methods for doing so, but the point (I guess), is that we need to be open to alternative ways of getting the job done. That’s something every leader should keep in mind. Sometimes we are so set on doing things a certain way that we complicate the project, get it done late, and stress out ourselves and our team members. But I liked this comment from on in a section about being a leader:

Be open to new ways of doing things. One potential land mine of a prosperous operation is to repeat anything that proves successful. It's hard to argue against that, but an inadvertent leader will put far too much stock in sticking with what always works. By contrast, thoughtful leadership acknowledges success but also recognizes there are always ways to do things better.

The world is constantly changing around us. Imagine how business would be for the CEO who refused to use “these new fandangled  computer thingys” and preferred to handwrite all of his correspondence and send it by snail mail. How competitive would his company really be? Sticking with what works isn’t always the best idea, especially if you have clear proof that there is a better way. Being a leader means being open to new ways of doing things. To your success…

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