Build your team… add a coach!

Build your team… add a coach!

This week on my blog, I have been giving you tips for building the perfect team. The fact is that no one can do all of the jobs that are necessary when running a successful investment business – even if that business is part-time. Aside from adding a lawyer, CPA, and title company to your team, who else should you count on?

A coach.

Coaches fulfill two important functions: 1) they provide accountability and 2) they provide help.

The coaches that I recommend are all active investors themselves, doing the same types of deals that you are trying to do. They have regular phone conferences with you, help you stay motivated, call you out when you give them lame excuses, and verify that you are making real progress towards your financial goals. A coach is much more than an advisor – they are a constant reminder of what you need to do and they are in a position to help you reach your potential.

To find out more about the coaching program that I have put together, go to or call my office at (602) 712-0182 during business hours (Arizona time).

We have come to the end of my little series about building a team, and if you have been reading my blog all week you deserve some praise.

But now what happens? Simply put, it’s time to go to work.

Get out there and find the people who can help take your investments to the next level. Stop doing just one or two deals a year and start doing one or two deals PER MONTH or PER WEEK. I want you to make as much money as you need to live the life you like, and chances are you aren’t doing that right now. So make the change, talk to the people who can help you, and get going.

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