Buy Direct and Today

Buy Direct and Today

Buying direct is the cheapest way of earning. Buying direct and trading without intermediaries or middleman or in-between guys always translate lesser transaction costs. It is time and cost-efficient business strategy. It is a no-brainer business model but always works especially with companies who are cutting their overheads and operation costs.

Shredding out in-between links and going straight is literally cutting costs. Buying with intermediaries is just a complex system. Complex operations, logically, are costly. It employs or pays more people. It spends more to operationalize more workflows and trading areas. It accrues more monitoring and management costs. Further, more workflows or trade posts would open more business errors and unnecessary costs. Managing all this complexity is costly and trims your margin of profit.

Buying direct is cheap because it simply takes out these system complexities. With lesser workflows and trade posts, you trim trading time. Goods and services are delivered faster to clients, customers, buyers and markets. A delivery system that passes through lesser number of trade posts is time-efficient.

Also buy today. Trading today is less risky because the future is simply uncertain. Though the future may offer us better options, uncertainty itself is costly. Forecasting and analyzing the future itself are already incremental costs. Employing or outsourcing business analysis to market analysts or using forecasting and business solution technologies are expensive. Nothing is safer and cheaper than trading today—an un-uncertain today.

So buy lands direct from the property owners, not from the state or any auction. Counties and auctions just make land more costly because of taxes, penalties, fees and charges. Moreover, they apply complicated trading systems, which add your transaction costs. Buy property now, too, as tax delinquent land still accumulates and compounds government penalties overtime. Buy land direct and now and strip overly elaborate transaction costs.

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