Diversify and Expand

Diversify and Expand

Before we start talks about conversion, Let’s define tele-seminar and an ebook. A tele- seminar is a seminar performed in a short period of time with an ample number of participants. It is usually conducted over a conference call or a one-on-one phone call. An e-book is an abbreviation of electronic book. It is the same as the conventional printed book but only in digital media form. These documents are usually read on personal computers and on independent devices known as e-book readers.

Normally Teleseminar speakers have topic outlines already in place before they start receiving or taking a conference call. For every subject they include in their seminars, they tackle each issue concerning the matter step by step. Each subject has chapters and every chapter of the subject matter will be explained thoroughly over the phone. This type of seminar is very effective because not only it is live but it also has an added personal touch because of the one-on-one discussion between the speaker and the participant. The only disadvantage of Teleseminars is that you can only handle a limited number of participants at one given point in time. Which to me seems more like an advantage. If you want to reach more people globally, one of the options you can choose to take is creating an e-book based on your subject outline.

Since an E-book is usually created using a personal computer, there is a lot of software available in the market that you can buy to create an e-book. Any of these software packages are usually user-friendly and looks like a word processor. What’s different is that it has certain other functions like defining your pages, chapter per chapter. Unlike in conventional printed books, the only things you can put aside from text are pictures. In e-books you can incorporate video, audio and animation making it more fun and easy to read and understand. Once you have input all the subjects, pictures and other audio and visual aids needed in your e-book you can pack all this pages to create one single executable file. An executable file means a digital media file that has an .exe as an extension and can be run independently on one single or double-clicks of your mouse.

Now you have your Teleseminars and your Ebook. You have created 2 very powerful tools for your market at the same time added a supplementary revenue stream for your Tax Delinquent Investment business. If you have a website you can offer this e-book by making it available for the user to download for a fee of course. With these valuable products and solutions that you offer, you are increasing your chances to be heard, followed and grow. You have diversified your product range and now you will be able to reach a larger market and growth will be inevitable.

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