Do you want to Zoom or Soar High?

Do you want to Zoom or Soar High?

Land is better than cars.

Most people buy cars when they make it big. It’s a form of status symbol. The newer model the car you’re driving the more money you spend, the more the money you’re suppose to earn. So why would you invest in land when you can’t show it off on the road or place the latest sound system in it?

It’s simple…

Land, unlike cars generally don’t loose their market value. At most times they even double or triple up the original price you bought it for. It is the best investment one can make.

The car you have right now looses its market value the minute you drive it off the car lot, in a year or two’s time it's basically a jalopy. While the land you purchased have probably at least doubled up the price. Cars are harder to maintain, fuel cost, car change, accessories and the blings, while land on the other hand, is not high maintenance at all. You leave it as it is and its still where you left it even if a cyclone passed by. Land has withstood wars, natural calamities and even man made disasters, while cars can easily wear and tear in a couple of year’s time. You actually spend more with a car than a piece of land. A car is the blood sucking lint that keeps on wanting more and land is the tree of plenty, the plant that keeps on giving.

If you want to make a sure investment and literally start to have some profit as if it grows on trees, be sure to use your money to buy appreciating assets and start reaping the benefits of this wise investment. You can literally double or triple your investment in no time and the chances of its value dropping is slim to none. How can you go wrong?

While cars are known to burn gas and rubber, Land keeps the air fresh and clean. With land investments, you can breath easy and have financial freedom to buy whatever toy you want down the road.

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  • Lou Jewell ALC
    Posted at 10:59h, 18 June

    Hi Jack,

    Short and sweet..You are exactly correct. Land is the most stable investment ever and will continue to be because it is driven by the increasing population that need food, shelter and clothing.

    Lou Jewell
    Accredited Land Consultant
    Realtors Land Istitute

    Come join us!

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