Fast and Easy: The Motto of Tax Delinquent Investment

Fast and Easy: The Motto of Tax Delinquent Investment

In getting involved with tax delinquent property investment, you need to establish some kind of a game plan. Based on your budget, you must figure out what kind of properties you would be interested in, the location of these properties, and the kind of return you are looking at. Those are the factors you need to consider when you start to think about investing in Tax Delinquent Properties.

First you have to decide your area of coverage. You don’t want to limit yourself to one small county because it might not be practical and financially viable. You also don’t want to involve yourself with too many counties or a bigger area either because it might be beyond your budget. So, you have to decide what suits you best and your investment profile. Make sure you have your investment goals in tact before going full speed into your new venture. If you fail to get this right, you might have to halt because your funds might just fall short. You wouldn’t want that to happen. And you have to find out which areas have attractive property values and return of your investment. Since you want to maximize your resources, then you have to see where you can increase them faster and easier.

Once you know which area you want to get involved in, then, you can go to the County Assessor’s office to request for a list of tax delinquent properties. You have to keep your list current. Scheduling a set time to go and visit the county offices can do this. Try to make friends with some of the people there. In time, you might just be able to send an email or call to request the information you require from a new found friend at the assessor’s office.

You would then have to identify the properties that would qualify for investment. Some of the information that would be helpful in your evaluation if a property would be good for investment is appraised value of the property and its tax obligation. One of the sources of these information would be the County Assessor’s website.

Success in the Tax Delinquent Investment business can be Fast and Easy. Once you get the hang of the necessary steps involved in making it so, you are on your way to making your fortune – Fast and Easy!

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  • Lance
    Posted at 13:18h, 30 December

    Hello Jack. I saw your webinar on and it was a big help. I am asking cause I was a little confused on how to use and when obtaining a delinquency list from the country clerks office because from what I read, some states office would try to avoid or have you running in circles or have a attorney present. I was also told to request information on my states “Freedom of Information Law” and my states “Property Tax Statute” to help me combat there offices rebuttals and get my information list sent to me.
    Are these the thing you have went threw? If so, Please Help

    Thank You So Much
    Lance B. Sexton

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