One Percenters

One Percenters

Tax Delinquent Property investors only account to 1% of the real property industry. The bulk of the industry is still stuck in the traditional real property investments: tax deed sale and tax lean sale. And with this small school, true tax delinquent property investing is a niche market.

Even if I train 10,000 people in even 10 years, the proportion of my niche industry is still small, probably at less than 5%. There is an estimated 3,000 counties across the country each with 50,000-100,000 pre-foreclosed properties. Our proportion is still small at 3 trainees in every county even after training 10,000 investors.

This niche industry I teach has so much potential because the competitive environment is thin.

What is more attractive about this industry is I never put hefty money down to buy a property. I never waste my financial investment under my system. Unlike in traditional real property investing, you often shell out $200,000. In this industry, you usually only pay a hundred dollars per deal because most people often perceive tax delinquent properties not marketable and a burden that they sell them cheaply. The good thing of buying delinquent properties is they do not carry any investment custody or costs.

The problem with traditional real property investment, like tax lien or deed investing is the title issue. Though you can clear those title issues by seeking certifications or title suits, those remedies accrue additional investment costs. Buying direct or following my system does not have titling issues. What more, you can buy tax delinquent properties at $500 and sell them at $3,000. You can also buy properties at $5,000 and sell them at $15,000-20,000 in the market. You thereby get $10,000-15,000 profit.

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