Feel The Motivation Vibe

Feel The Motivation Vibe

In the Tax Delinquent Investment business, if you’re interested in buying tax delinquent properties, you should speak with each seller first and get to FEEL him or her out and see what his or her motivations are.  As a result, from the initial List of prospects you have, you can discard a lot of sellers right away, because they are not motivated. At the same time you can identify the sellers who are really, really motivated and just want to get rid off their properties. This will let you determine, which Tax Delinquent Property owner to focus on.


When you speak to a tax delinquent property owner, you will hear a bunch of different responses and from those you can probably decipher to find out if they are motivated to sell or not. People who are usually not that motivated are those who would say, “I bought it 2 years ago.  I paid market price for it, but if you give me the right price I’ll sell it to you”. While people who are more than willing to let go and rid off their properties, they will literally tell you that they don’t need or want it anymore and may say things like “I inherited the property and since then the taxes have been raise on me every year, I have never even seen the property.” Now, this type of rhetoric is your green light.


Personally, I would offer only to those who just want to get rid of their properties. It means I don’t have to offer as much money to such a person as I have to offer to somebody who is on the fence and say, “If the offer is good, I’ll sell it.  But, I don’t really need to sell it.  I’m not really motivated.” You can still try to offer them something if you like, since that person never specifically gave you a number they imagined to let go of their property. Of course, then there is also a case when somebody says, “I bought it two years ago.  I want $150,000 for it.  If you don’t want to pay me at least that, don’t make me an offer”.  In that case, you know that you don’t have to even make that person an offer.  There will be in so much more delinquencies out there that wasting your time of such properties is not advisable. You might not make an offer now, but you could possible be making an offer to them in the future, so make sure you are polite about saying No, Thank you. That saves you an envelope, and it saves you postage. It saves you Time and Make you more profit.  You don’t have to spend money on them if they’re not motivated.  That’s what I mean that I can adjust my offer based on what my FEELING is from talking to the seller.


Feeling the Motivation Vibe is a talent in itself that you will get to develop as time progresses. The sooner you sharpen this skill and use it to your advantage the brighter your Tax Delinquent Investment future will look. There are signs that you can decipher to know this during and after you have spoken to your prospect. Use at and you will succeed in this business.


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