Get Connected and Ride the Fast Lane

Get Connected and Ride the Fast Lane

If you are an entrepreneur, most likely you will agree when someone says that Information is the key to ones business success.  Whatever business you are in, decision makers initially gather data or information before they start deciding on what to do. Most people collect their information from the Internet, some on printed materials like daily newspapers and magazines or industry publications, and others from government offices or banks where some data are open for public viewing. 


In the Tax Delinquent Investment business, investors gather a lot of information before they buy certain land or properties. Mostly, they need to know what the current value of the said land/properties they want to procure. We get this type of information from the local banks or the local government where records of the said land are kept.  Once we have assembled all the information needed, the next move is to decide whether the investment will be profitable in a short or long term period. 


One good example of this is acquiring tax delinquent properties and reselling it. If you have access to raw information on lands and their owners with tax delinquent problems then you might have hit a gold mine.  But don’t get excited right away, because after getting the raw data this is where the filtering of information begins.  Filtering information needs a system, gut-feel and vast knowledge on real estate before you approach the said landowners of tax delinquent lands. 


Why focus on tax delinquent properties?  Because most landowners of this said land are willing to sell their properties on whatever amount they can get rather than getting nothing at all.  With the present crunch on real estate you can still reap a lot of profit by getting the right information from reliable sources.  There are a lot of advantages if you are connected. Connected means not only to the Internet, where you can get information in a split of a second, but also, to people whose sources are reliable. The Information Super Highway does not only mean reliable public information sources but also personal inside information sources. Taking this route will get you to your destination fast with very little traffic jams and minimal stops.

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