Get the fish in the Bucket

Get the fish in the Bucket

Asking the most appropriate questions during a phone call transaction is very essential in reaching your Tax Delinquent Investment goals. Aside from the fact that you should be courteous, you should also know where to direct your conversation. Asking them these simple yet relevant questions entails you in probing more about the property and owner’s background. By using these simple questions, you will be able to maximize the efficiency of the call. It actually does not make your life harder, but I want to make it easier by applying a more systematic approach when phoning.

When the tax delinquent property owner phones you, initially ask for the caller’s name. Ask them how you should address them, maybe they are more casual and ask you to address them with just a first name, or a more formal approach with a salutation; Sir or Ma’am. If you happen to have a hard time understanding it because it may be foreign sounding, ask them to spell it out for you. It’s way better than constantly mispronouncing their names. It pays to be polite when you ask for their name. The next relevant detail you need to ask is if he or she owns the land or property. By asking that simple question, you’ll know if you’re talking to the right person or not. Very often, it’s not the owner calling. It’s usually somebody that represents the owner who phones. Even if it’s not the direct owner that rings you, you still should consider yourself lucky. Although, when the owner himself or herself phones, you don’t need keep probing, you’ll know right away if they have decided to sell and let the property go. You should also ask what state, county and APN of the property is situated in, as well as, it’s square footage. You may also want to ask how many properties are involved. Sometimes, people get multiple lots or properties in the same vicinity. By asking this question, it gives them an option to sell more properties that they want to dispose of at the same time an opportunity for you to hit more birds in one stone. It will also help you validate the properties they wish to sell.

After getting the entire necessary datum from the caller, you now confirm their mailing address. Confirming the mailing address of the seller validates your spreadsheet information where they currently reside. Your records must always be current and updated. Tax delinquent property owners from the Northern states sometimes reside down south during the winter. Remember, it is more likely for out-of-owners to let go of their properties for tax delinquencies. Not only will you save time, money and effort but also, close the transaction the soonest possible time after your conversation.

Now you know what questions you need to ask when a seller phones you, you should be efficient enough to be spontaneous and consistent in receiving one. Making sure all your questions are answered while you got them will help you to be more efficient and organized. You have caught the fish on the hook at this time, now don’t let it go and make sure you get it in the bucket in time.

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