Goal setting tips for 2015

Goal setting tips for 2015

As 2014 draws to a close, I want to ask you a question: was this year everything that you wanted it to be? Did you accomplish the goals that you had set for yourself and are you in a better financial position today than you were one year ago?

The fact is that goal-setting is one of the most important things in our lives, and yet is one of the things that very few of us know how to do well. We think that it’s just about having willpower and good motives, but the fact is much more is involved.

In this special blog post, let me take a few moments to talk about how you can set strategic goals and how you can make sure that you reach them.

Principles for setting goals. Not every goal is worth reaching. Does that surprise you? Goals worth setting and reaching are those that push you to progress, that are realistic, that unlock your capability and potential, and that are in harmony with larger goals that define your ideal life.

My lovely wife Michelle and I both attend meetings of a group called Life Book, and it has helped us to streamline our lives as never before. Life Book recommends the following steps for setting goals:

  1. Start by defining your life vision. How do you want the 12 areas of life to be and to interact with one another?
  2. Then, set several foundational goals that are in harmony with your life vision.
  3. Choose one of those foundantional goals, the one that is the most important to you, and make it your overreaching goal.
  4. Now choose an annual goal for the year 2015 that will contribute to your overreaching goal, and divide that annual goal into quarterly goals, then monthly goals, and finally into weekly goals. You will able to track your progress and adjust as needed.

Remember, as I mentioned in the April 2014 Forever Cash newsletter, your goals should be SMART. What do I mean? They should be:


Reaching goals. Have you ever heard of the second rule of thermodynamics? In short, in mentions that complex systems tend towards disorder – just look at a car left in a junkyard or food left on the counter.

Complex systems lose energy and the system eventually collapses.

The same thing happens when setting and striving to reach goals. It’s not enough to have good intentions and willpower – you need to consistently and habitually put effort towards the goal and toward staying motivated (one more reason we love Life Book).

I want you to reach all your goals this coming year, and I hope that this blog post can give you a leg up. And if you are in the Phoenix area, please join us for a special complimentary Life Book preview in January. Just click here for more information:

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