It would be to your advantage if you were fully equipped and knowledgeable with real estate tax loopholes. It would make you more successful and competing in your tax delinquent investing endeavours. When you are ready to write a tax delinquent investment letter to the property owner, you attach a second page that basically talks about a tax loophole. When you discuss these matters to the property owner/seller, you have to use layman’s terms in order for him or her to comprehend the concept easily and quickly. Never use technical terms for it will just confuse the seller. 


You should know that there is always a loophole in the tax law. You have to go deeper the hole to further probe it. For example, it may say that if you procure something pricey and you sell at a loss, that loss can write off against the other investment income against your taxes. What happens here is, if you bought this property for $100 when the owner bought it for $3,100.00, he obviously lost $3,000.00. Now, if somewhere along the road, he made $3,000.00 or more in profit that is a taxable income from their other investment, they can then apply their loss against that profit. Therefore counterbalancing that profit is tax wise. They would not have to pay taxes on this $3,000.00 in profits. See where you can get some tax reduction?  In Delinquent Property Investment, communicating all the benefits and winning edge is important, especially when the property owner can see that you are actually trying to give them some valuable insider tips.


If you can explain it simpler to the seller, then you’re on your way to a good deal. You have just fast tracked the acquisition of that property. If you happen to close the deal, record the deed right away. With all efforts, try to sell that property prior the county’s auction. IF by any circumstance it doesn’t happen the way you plan, let the property go to tax deed auction and take advantage of the advanced tax deed methods. If you know the different kinds of loopholes available, you should know what loophole to use or apply in certain situation for your own benefit.  Important TIP: Know the loopholes.


Going deeper into the hole in tax delinquent investment requires a lot of knowledge and perseverance. You should know the laws by heart for you to be competent and not superficial. It’s just like a puzzle. All you need now is to know one loophole to link to the other one.

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