Happy Anniversary to Me!

Happy Anniversary to Me!

It was just over one year ago, on September 10, 2013, that a lifelong dream of mine came true – I got published. Although I have written several books, I have always distributed them myself through my own websites. But my book Forever Cash (which presents all the financial lessons I have learned so far) was distributed by a major publishing company and made available in physical and electronic formats in Barnes and Noble stores, on Amazon.com, and in many other places.

I was so excited to have met this milestone last year, but what has pleased me even more is seeing the response to my book. People have been sending me messages at talking to me at live events, all of them saying the same thing: ‘This book was just what I needed.’ That warms my heart so much.

Since launching my book, I have changed the focus of my entire career. Yes, I’m still “Jack Bosch the real estate guy”. But now I am also “Jack Bosch the Financial Coach”. Instead of just teaching you how to make one-time cash, I am teaching you how to pay down debt, how to make bigger and better assets, how to classify assets, and how to think like a rich person.

I have revamped my live events to include wealth creation and management tips, and I overhauled my gold program, renaming it the Forever Cash Cold Club.

In my new gold club, members get access to WEEKLY webinars (each one ending with a Q&A session) and to a new feature that I call the Hot Seat, where individual members can describe their particular challenge and we will solve it right there – live – during the call.

I am so excited with the past year, and I only foresee great things for the future.

So if you haven’t read my book Forever Cash yet, please do so as soon as you can. And if you have already read the book, then please read it again to really hammer the principles home. I bet you will be surprised at how much information you may have forgotten.


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