Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Note: Show Your Appreciation By Leaving A Thankful Comment Below About Your Mom.

Today is Mother's day.

And as my daughter grows bigger and bigger (she is 8 already)
I am starting to appreciate this day more and more…

Back in the days when I was younger and before I had my own daughter, I didn't really think much about what all moms do.

I took it for granted that my mom …

– Provided me with clean cloths every day just ready for me to take out of the closet

– Had a tasty meal ready 3 times a day (and in my case with gummy bears as snacks in between)

– Tucked us into bed and read a bedtime story

– Were (and are) there for us when we need them

– Were (and still is) ready to fight like tigers if someone wronged us

– Stayed up all night with me when I was sick, only to continue to do everything needed the next day

– Sacrificed massively financially to send me to college (and me taking 7 years to actually graduate)

– … (like a million things more)

But now as I have my own 8-year old daughter, and see my wife (also a mom now) do the exact same thing for our daughter.

I am feeling massive gratitude towards both of them.

And with that… Mother's day now has a very special feeling to it!

As a matter of fact, if you are reading this, you might want to not just show your appreciation for your mom during 1 day of the year, but to remember this every day as you see your mom worrying, and doing something for you…

Show them your appreciation for all they do as often as you can.

Understand that they are doing this without being paid, without even getting a thank you most of the times… they are doing this out of pure love for you.

The same love I feel for my daughter, and for whom I would do anything in the world.

So enjoy your mother's day today.

Say “Thanks!” to your mom (and the mother of your children if you are a man reading this)

But then don't forget about it the rest of the year.

Now I got to go.

I am taking Michelle, and her mom to a 5-star Brunch at the Four Seasons Resort here in Phoenix.

The phones will be off (ok perhaps I will post a few pics on Facebook)
And my attention will be on my ladies.

Hope you do the same (the attention part I mean)

Happy Mother's day to all moms.

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