Haste Makes Waste

Haste Makes Waste

            In the Tax Delinquent Investment business, you shouldn’t wait until the tax delinquent property comes up for the highly competitive tax lien or tax deed auctions.  You don't want to wait to invest in the property, when it has accumulated years of unpaid taxes. Instead, you want to go to the seller today and buy it for pennies on the dollar.


            When you already have the go signal that they are willing to give up their property CALL THEM RIGHT AWAY. You know this because you have already sent them a letter, expressing your intention and interest in their property and they have either written you back or called you back.

Call them as soon as possible because some people may be willing to give their properties up to you, initially, but with all the real estate hype, they might have second thoughts and choose to hold back and hold off in putting their properties up a little longer. The sooner you get hold of the owner and the sooner you show your interest in buying, the better your chances are in acquiring that property.


            You can benefit from a Tax Delinquent Property if you act fast. In this business, the faster you act, the better your profit will be. Get hold of your seller as soon as possible and inquire as much details you can about the property. This way you get to know if the said property is worth an investment or you should do a rain check on it. There are loads of tax delinquent properties out there you can take advantage of. If a seller is giving you the run-around and not really giving you the time of day, learn to move on and prevent wasting your time with one seller. There are too many fishes in the sea. Move on.


            Also remember to double check on each of the properties you are interested in investing in. With today's technology, you can do some research online. Ask the seller the exact address of the property and Use Google Earth to look it up. That way you get to have a visual of the site and compare it with what the seller had described to you. And even without actually inspecting the area you know where your money’s worth is going.


            Even though you are running after time, it does not mean you should skip or ignore certain things that are necessary for a guaranteed sound investment. Haste makes Waste. So even if you have made it possible to speed things up by skipping necessary steps in the Tax Delinquent Investment Process, in the end, the deal still falls apart and all your hard work goes to waste. Cover your bases and learn to do it efficiently so that you are maximizing your time and effort to contribute to your success.

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