Have you ever heard of a “Multi-Model Marketing Environment”?

Have you ever heard of a “Multi-Model Marketing Environment”?

Richard Henderson – the publisher of Home Business magazine – recently shared some interesting information about marketing strategies. Because of the interesting mix of new technology used by younger demographics and more traditional communication methods used by older ones, businesses are finding themselves fighting a war on more than one front.

Mr. Harrison describes it as a “multi-model marketing environment”. He wrote:

In this multi-model marketing environment, you must deliver [your] message over a diverse internet spectrum. This spectrum is comprised of digital versions of magazines; banner ads on targeted websites, mobile phones, tablets and e-readers; social media; RSS feeds; email marketing; SMS text marketing; and much more. This diversity is not only important because you want to increase advertising message reach – more critical is that different segments (socio-economic groups) of your target audience prefer different communication mediums.

For example, older demographic audiences might prefer print magazines and direct mail. Generation X/Y may gravitate to targeted websites and digital editions of magazines….There are no hard and fast rules.

Some interesting ideas to take into consideration when planning a marketing campaign.

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