Have you seen a “proof of concept” yet?

Have you seen a “proof of concept” yet?

A “Proof of concept” is a way to show that an idea or method really works. You might not believe your neighbor who says that he can run his truck on old french fry grease, but after you see his gasoline bill drop to zero his claim is a little more credible – and has probably piqued your curiosity somewhat.

When you first signed up for one of my programs, you were probably pretty excited about the possibilities, right? You heard testimonials, you saw how easy my methods are, and you were rearing to go. But let me ask you: how has it gone for you? Have you found the success you hoped for?

Unfortunately, I have seen that some of the people who buy my programs and attend my live seminars don’t follow through on what they learn. They may lose enthusiasm, listen to the naysayers or get distracted by any one of a million legitimate concerns in their life.

But there's more to it than that. When I talk to these folks, I almost always find that they never personally saw the “proof of concept”. In other words, they never got a win for themselves.

Staying focused until you get that first win is so important. The people who give testimonials about my products are not necessarily more intelligent or luckier than anyone else – they simply stuck with the methods until they saw results. Once they got that first win – even if it was a little one – they were able to stay focused and keep working at it, until the wins starting piling one on top of another.

So if you have purchased one of my programs but haven’t seen the success you had hoped for, then I ask you this: stay with it until you get your first win. So many of my students are so happy with what they have learned that I am convinced the problem is not with the material – the problem lies with losing steam soon after the race starts.

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