Have you “trimmed the fat”?

Have you “trimmed the fat”?

Once you have invested in a business, your goal should be to manage it properly. Ideally, you should have a trustworthy manager taking care of the day to day stuff, letting you focus on streamlining the process.

In a recent podcast posted to their website, NPR’s Planet Money spoke to some higher ups in UPS and to a driver on the street.

It was fascinating to see how they look at data week after week, and consistently find ways to improve the process and service while savings hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs.

Obviously, most of us aren’t operating at that scale. But chances are that if you take a cold hard look at your business, you could find some sort of a way to trim the fat and increase your profit. Every little bit helps, from going paperless to paying less in office space rent.

Check out the podcast here and then apply the principles you learn to your business.

To your success…

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