Hidden Tax Sale Cash program

Hidden Tax Sale Cash program

I have been financially independent for over a decade and my life has never been better than it is right now. Once I saw how much my own circumstances improved, I decided to share the lessons that I had learned and the methods that I had used with my friends and family, who in turn encouraged me to package everything together into a course so that more and more people could improve their lot in life.

That’s exactly what I have been doing over the past few years, and the results have exceeded even my wildest expectations.

That’s why I would like to take the opportunity this week to give you a basic introduction to the main programs that I have prepared. I will take a blog post each day to briefly go over what each one does, and then I will give you a link to the official site.

Up first is the Hidden Tax Sale Cash program.


As you know, I love looking at tax delinquent properties and trying to find new investment opportunities. A while back, I found one when I learned that several tax deed states had a statute talking about something called “overages” or “excess proceeds”. What do those terms mean?

Imagine my surprise when I learned what the county does with the money it gets after selling a tax deed at auction. The base price of the deed goes to pay the delinquent taxes and administrative fees, and any money that the county gets over and beyond what they are owed (as the result of a bidding war) must be returned to the owner of record – the county is not legally entitled to keep that money in most states.

Now imagine what would happen if you were to swoop in just a few days before the auction and record a deed naming you as the new owner of a piece of tax delinquent land. When that land is sold at auction, if the bidding drives the price up and over what the county is owed, who gets all the excess proceeds? As the most recent owner of record, YOU are entitled to request that money after the legally stipulated time has passed.

That legal loophole is the basis for my Hidden Tax Sale Cash program. It shows you how to find properties likely to go for high amounts at auction and how to claim your money. This method is half the work and twice the fun.

Learn more at www.hiddentaxsalecash.com.

Tomorrow: the Land Profit Generator program.

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