Honesty is still the best policy in Tax Delinquent Property Investment

Honesty is still the best policy in Tax Delinquent Property Investment

I can imagine that there are probably a few people that have deceived their sellers into selling their properties to them just shortly before the auction. There are people out there that basically lie to their sellers to make them sell the property to them. Very often these are the black sheep that are discrediting the Tax Delinquent Investment industry.

I am asking you as starters in the Tax Delinquent Investment business, is that while you are in this industry, you should be completely frank and honest. This is valuable to what you are trying to do in this business. You should be proud of what you are doing. You have no reason to be afraid, and never be nervous. Just as long as you are confident that, although you are making a huge potential fortune, it doesn’t mean you are using someone else to get it. What you are doing also benefits them to a certain extent. You are lifting their burden of piling back taxes.

What we are trying to find here are people who have given up on their property and will let it go for tax sale. You are willing to buy these properties faster and give them more money than they usually end up with otherwise. You bring this property back on the tax roll, pay the taxes, and sell it to somebody. Take it from the hands of somebody that is not happy with it. And quite often in the end you will receive a thank you letter from your sellers.

Never, ever go and tell your sellers or the county office something that is not true. When you decide on selling properties on your own discretion always be honest about what it has with it. In the Tax Delinquent Investment business, it is always wise to tell the truth for it ill always set you free to the road of fortune.

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