How to get a title recorded for your Tax Delinquent Investment property remotely

How to get a title recorded for your Tax Delinquent Investment property remotely

When you are out of state and you are in the process of buying a property all you think of is how you can get the title transferred and recorded. Recording title form a remote location may take a little work but it is not hard or complicated at all. First you need to send the deed to the seller/owner and have them sign, notarize and ship it back to you. You can use FedEx to ship and even include a pre-paid addressed label for the retuned documents. Basically make it easy and simple for the seller, since you are purchasing the property such a great price. Now what happens next in the process is this:

Once you have the deed sent to you by the owner, you send them the money for it. I use FedEx for this; it just costs an extra $15 to $20 for FedEx United States return receipt requested.

Next, you would then have to send the deed to the county recorder for recording. The purpose of the recorder’s office is to record the title documents for the properties being purchased. Include the check for the recording fee along with a letter which says that you need the attached document recorded. Calling the office beforehand may help to ask them about the requirements and what you need to send for recording and how much. They may require an Affidavit of Property Value form to be filled out or an application for submission. It is also called the value statement. An Affidavit of Property Value is basically a document that states, “I’m selling this property to this person and we’re doing a cash sale or term sale. We’re selling it for $2,000. This is the legal description.”

The Recorders office requires these documents to be notarized. Once the recorder's office has taken care of all the required and necessary steps from their end, they will send you the original documents back for your records. At this point the property is officially yours.

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