How to Read Stock Quotes

How to Read Stock Quotes

Stocks can be a great investment. You can make some One-Time cash by trading, or you can buy and hold over the long term and get paid in periodic dividends – making your stocks a Forever Cash asset. But in order to evaluate a stock you’re thinking of buying, you need to know how to read the stock chart. Thankfully, the good folks over at are here to help. 

While the post is full of good info, of particular interest to Forevercashers is this comment:

Column 5: Dividend Per Share – This indicates the annual dividend payment per share. If this space is blank, the company does not currently pay out dividends.

So if you are thinking of using stocks as a Forever Cash asset, you will first need to make sure the company even pays out dividends.

Have a look at the full post here and use what you learn to evaluate stocks more effectively.

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