I’m back!

I’m back!


I am back in the office after an incredible three days in Atlanta.

Together with a group of serious Forevercashers, I was change lives and help my friends get control of their finances. During three days, I explained in detail what my “Forever Cash” method is all about – escaping the Hamster Wheel of Financial Hell and putting you on the path to creating freedom and wealth.

What kinds of things did I talk about at my seminar?

Day 1: Forever Cash Foundations

  • The detailed concepts of “One-time Cash, Temporary Cash, and Forever Cash.
  • How the “Wealth Wheel Method to fast Forever Cash Freedom” works.
  • How you can turbo charge your wealth Wheel
  • How most people are approaching their finances backwards and how to fix it and advance much faster.

Day 2: Making Money

  • How to make more money right now and where you are inside and outside your job
  • You'll learn how to identify what is the right “make money” activity for yourself.
  • I will show how you can make an extra $50,000 to $200,00 a year part time from home
  • We will go through several specific ways to make those $50,000 to $200,000 so that you are prepared to walk out and implement your plan
  • You'll learn how to cut 2 years of your learning process and make money FAST.

Day 3: Forever Cash Investments

  • How to really tell a good investment from a bad one
  • How to learn to avoid losing money (this is just as important as anything else)
  • How to manage the managers of your forever cash investments so you don't have to do anything and can truly enjoy Forever Cash Retirement
  • What my Favorite kinds of Forever Cash Investments are and how to get them cheap
  • Overall you'll receive in-depth training on how to analyze investments and be able to make money decisions fast.

Laura, a Forevercasher who attended the academy, said: “[I] LIKED that A LOT! Remarkable! Life changing.”

This was the second Forever Cash academy, and I tried hard to make it the best ever.

Why not attend the next one? I’ll give you the details here as soon as we organize it.

To your success…

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