It pays to think outside of the box!

It pays to think outside of the box!

The Forever Cash lifestyle is all about finding alternative ways to invest your money. While I am not against investing in stocks per se, I prefer investment vehicles that let you keep control of your own finances. The other day, I found a great article on CNN that shared some example of investors who thought outside of the box when investing their hard-earned money and who laughed all the way to the bank. I would like to take a minute a share a few of the outstanding examples with you.

Rajeev Kotyan was looking to invest some money, because his retirement account was performing so poorly that he thought that anything would be better. While at an airport, he met a dairy farmer who wanted to purchase some cows. Kotyan went in with him and now receives 12% annual return on his initial $25,000 investment (about $3,000 per year) for zero effort on his part. Another man spent $300,000 in his 401k on a beauty school now valued at $2.9 million, while another spent the same amount on an organic sprout farm, currently valued at $550,000.
Each of these people looked around them and tried to find some sort of niche that wasn’t being filled. Then they did their homework and made the investment. You can do the same. Having one or several cash-producing assets is the best way to achieve financial security.

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