Just making more money is not enough

Just making more money is not enough

People sometimes ask me why I spend so much time teaching others how to make and invest money? I guess I’m motivated by the same thing that motivates any teacher – I want everybody to be armed with the knowledge they need to survive and thrive in the real world.

You see, it’s not just about making money – it’s also about what you do with the money you make. Even the people who have figured out how to make a ton of money are often missing the one crucial step to their true financial independence.

For several years now, I have been teaching other people the actual money-making techniques that made me wealthy. As I taught people these simple—yet lucrative—investment techniques, what I saw was that people used my techniques successfully to also generate a lot of cash, and then they used the cash to buy themselves the things they always wanted—the cars, the house, the vacations…. After they spent that income, however, the cash was gone, and they had to go back and work some more deals. While there is nothing wrong with improving your lifestyle dramatically while being able to quit your job, they still had nothing to show for it, other than a lot of money spent and having lived “large” for a while. Many people would argue that this is what life is all about. Just making more money is not the full picture. Nobody has told them that there is another step that leads to the ultimate freedom of never having to work again—unless you want to.

In fact, most people never realize that there is a second step after you make that money that truly ensures financial independence forever. That second step is to use the money they made and create an ever- growing amount of Forever Cash. This kind of cash will keep them and their families financially safe, secure, and independent—for not just their lifetime, but the lifetimes of their kids and grandkids, too.

It is time to break the “make money to spend money” cycle, the one you’re no doubt in.

It breaks my heart, and it makes me mad, because every single person who understood how money really works could be retired, living in comfort or even in luxury for years, if they just understood how the rich stay rich, and how they work and keep their money. It’s simply part of what financial education should be. The rich work their money; they do not work for their money. Actually, that is part of the structure of this path and of my philosophy to creating lasting wealth.


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