What are the qualities of a good letter? What makes it unique and useful? These are just some of the questions you try to ask in your letter to a tax delinquent property owner. I might have discussed the 3 types of letters that can be used in writing to an owner regarding your interest in their property. To sum it all up, it is safe to say that the principles of a good letter are: It should be SHORT, easy to read with clear & specific ideas, focused, goal-oriented, factual and sincere. We all know by now that the type of letter with the highest response rate is the short letter. It doesn’t need to be too technical and it doesn’t take too much time to write.

Constructing a short letter shows spontaneity and alertness. It only tackles the concerns of the buyer regarding a property for his tax delinquent investment portfolio. It has to be clear, specific and concise since, you would want all of the owner’s concerns to be properly addressed. You tend to address the issue rather than beating around the bush which is more time efficient and practical. Being focused and goal oriented are other principles that produce a good letter. For example, if you try to include unnecessary comments and suggestions in your letter, that will only confuse the recipient, in this case the seller. You have to be more specific with your objectives, the measurable concerns you have toward the properties. With these characteristics, the property owner will feel that you are sincere and honest with your offer and that you would be a good person to trust with their property.

Why then should we waste time in expressing our intentions to a property owner? Why not try to hit the target directly? Why make it wordy when you can express your ideas in a few words within a short letter? The key principles of a good letter should be taken in consideration to be more effective, time efficient and smarter than any other tax delinquent investors. That is your edge. Remember, in this process, you are only as credible as the letter you write.

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