Last chance to See FreedomSoft in action

Last chance to See FreedomSoft in action

Jack Bosch here.

I'm giving you one last chance to see the webinar we
just did on the NEW way to manage your Real Estate
investing business.

Trust me, this can change your life.

We have a replay happening tomorrow here:

Date: Saturday, January 23rd 2010
Time: 12:00 PM Eastern time (= 9:00AM Pacific Standard Time)

My Buddy Preston Ely has release the most anticipated
and discussed release of any Real Estate
Management Software. EVER.

I know that sounds like hype, but when you see this
webinar replay you'll know I'm telling it straight.

In fact, I love it so much I bought it and paid full price.
I even made a VIDEO while I was buying it,
just to prove the point…

And yes, my crazy offer still stands
for ANYONE who buys the software through my link.

I'll give you $14,985 worth of my
own products to entice you to do that!

Want to watch the webinar replay so you
can see for yourself what this killer new
software can do for you?

Date: Saturday, January 23rd 2010
Time: 12:00 PM Eastern time (= 9:00AM Pacific Standard Time)

See below the $14,985 in bonuses you get when
you buy their software through my link, click here:


Bonus number 1 is access to one of my flagship programs the LandProfitFormula Online Program. This is a professionally recorded and edited Streaming Audio Program teaches my full Land Profit Formula system. Did you know I have used the Land profit Formula to buy and sell over 5,865 properties? This Program alone retails for $997.

Value: $997


Free Access to my membership program for 30 days. I almost never have made this available to anyone outside my LandProfitFormula customers. This is basically my personal online Coaching and Mentorship Program. You get Free access for 30 days to this powerful training site where you can enjoy

– Monthly Q&A Calls
– Access to my CD of the Month program
– Archives of entire courses and videos
– A Powerful and very interactive Discussion forum.
– Much more…

The Value of just all the stuff that is in there is $6,997.
If after 30 days you want to continue it then would be $97.00/month and of course you can cancel any time for any reason.
(Heck this bonus alone is worth the purchase even if you “Raid” my site and then cancel right away again)

Value: $6997 (and Growing)


A Free Selling Webpage, set up for you and ready to go. No Hassles, no technology to deal with, no monthly bill, no hosting, no servers to deal with.. all done for you. All you need is to give it a name and set it up. Plus I will even give you a video tutorial on how to set this up yourself. It's so easy you can do if even if you have never worked on a computer. And every Online Investor needs his own webpage (or multiple).

Value: $2,000

Bonus #4:

The chance to win a Training Program of your choice valued up to $997 from the brand new and fast growing Real Estate Portal This new p

Here's what some students have to say about Jack's Training Programs...


Facebook comments:

  • Joyce Jackson
    Posted at 12:31h, 23 January

    Hello Jack and office staff!
    First, I must commend you on a wonderful conference last weekend- well run, very professional, and extremely informative. I can hardly wait to do our first deal! My husband and I would like to purchase the FreedomSoft software. We already have Jack’s LPG system. Can we be reimbursed by Jack for what he is offering as bonuses? Do we get the bonuses at any level of FreedomSoft purchased or is it just the Platinum level? I eagerly await your response.
    Joyce Jackson

  • Jack Bosch
    Posted at 17:34h, 26 January

    Hi Joyce,

    the bonuses are in addition to what you already have.

    So for example if you are a Gold member then I will give you an additional 30 days free Gold Membership access.
    And since you say you already have my LPG system you now will get my LPF program in addition to it online.
    Plus you get two more seats to my next seminar in LA which you can also pass on to someone else.

    But closes tonight so you have to act quickly.


  • Niki
    Posted at 10:31h, 12 April


    I signed up for the free newsletter. I am really interested in buying land. I am a single mother. I’ve lived in poverty my whole life. I simply cannot afford to buy anything that you or others offer. I am a Master student and it is not working out to my advantage. Therefore, my military money, school money in which the children and I live on will end in about a week. I have no idea where to start with the land or buying property. I am a very smart, intellectual person, but I am not very good with numbers. I get tons of information about stocks, and mutual funds, etc. but I do not really know what they are saying. I know that there is an abundance of wealth out there, and I strongly believe that even if I tapped a little bit of it… I will be okay. I am Buddhist and believe that nothing is impossible, and the sky is not the limit. I am spiritual and a galactic portal. Most people believe in the law of attraction. A person can attract opportunity all they want, but what it comes down to is money. I do not have it. I would need the backup of having a lawyer, etc. I do know with land it is about the title and the deed. Making sure that taxes are not owed. But, what is the lien? Where does that come in. Where or how do I find these properties. Putting ads up cost money. Do I research the accessor’s office in my county or state? Some of the most famous or richest people started somewhere with only a penny and turned into gold. I have wealth, it is internal. Manifesting what I need and even basic necessities has been a lifelong struggle. I have opportunities to buy homes custom made in another state, but I do not have the work history. I am a displaced homeworker amongst other non-paying titles. I am an internet and social networker. I do want and need to do something where I am my own owner because of my health problems. I am young and have already suffered a stroke. I am without health insurance and have multiple health complications like many Americans; and without proper medication. Yet, I am determined to live and seek alternative ways to being healthy. So, the kind of work I need to do is one that will generate income and allow me to focus on my health without worrying or depending on the children’s father (my ex). No one can give me hope because I simply live off of hope. I am extremely lucky to be alive. I am a researcher as well. So, I know that if I can just try to figure this out there is hope for me to be successful. In about a week I will be without any income and face homelessness. I am not sharing my story for pity, but I believe in being the example that I want my children to see. Therefore, I have vowed to fight and make a way for myself and my children to live. If you have any suggestions Mr. Jack Bosch please email me personally.

    Thank you and Congratulations to Your Success!

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