Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter is the Best Medicine

        In the Tax Delinquent Investment business, it is important to establish rapport with the seller. People like dealing with people they like, meaning they will do business with you if they like you. Give them a good laugh and show your interest on the property with a little bit of personality. They’re obviously not interested in having that specific property anymore so they would pretty much give it to someone more interested. The decision that needs to made now is to whom will they finally let that property go to? Believe it or not, making them laugh a little or making some sort of pleasant impression goes a long way in making that critical decision for the tax delinquent.


        In my years of experience, I found the best way to establish that connection is to keep the conversation flowing. Ask them about the area, how was it a few years back, are the roads still accessible, the easiest way to get there or other minor or major renovations of the property. While you are conversing with the seller you also get to know first hand what the property was before and is now. No one knows that property in better detail than the owner, so talking to him is an advantage. Try even adding some historical questions; people love to talk about trivial things of those sorts. After this type of interaction, you can decide if the area fits your preference or you might opt to skip it because there are a lot of repairs to do or the property ids not located in an accessible area. As a Tax Delinquent Investor, you want to invest on something you can earn more on not spend more on.


        Creating rapport with the seller also helps me to get a good bargain, a low price that is accepted. If you talk to somebody and have already had a few good laughs on the phone with them, chances are they will remember you. They’re going to remember you better and they are willing to do business with you even thought you might offer a little less than what they think they could get from the property.


        Just be friendly and ask the right questions. You don’t want to annoy the seller and end up losing a good deal and a good property. These people are letting their tax delinquent property for taxes and it might not be the best feeling, sometimes even painful. They always said Laughter is the Best medicine. In this case it might just cure the burden they have been experiencing in tax delinquencies.

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