In handling Tax Delinquent Investments, you need to master your brew and craft in transacting a sale or a buy that is dependent on how effective you project your interest and agenda to the other party. If you wish to have an effective communication with your client, never ignore the power of a well-constructed letter. Designing an effective form of letter being sent to real estate tax delinquents varies from one personality to another. This means some letters work well with certain clients, while some do not have any effect at all.

It’s been 4 years that I have constructed and tested my three letter formulas in producing the most concise, effective and apt material, a result from my experiment-based outcome.

There are 3 types of letter formulas I came up with and use.
The first type, which I discuss here, is what I call as “short letter”.
It is more direct and straightforward and usually consists of 3 to 5 sentences. It yields the highest response because it only sends your intention and interest to purchase the abandoned property from a tax delinquency.

One advantage to this type of letter is you get to speak to the seller first through a phone call and get a feel of his enthusiasm and motivations. This way you develop a connection and build rapport with the seller.
In other words, “you put your best foot forward” in building a much more trusting relationship; a more personal and professional feel.

Researching about more detailed information about the property value and marketability will be much easier then since, you get to speak with the owner. A good rapport leads to a good transaction and better relationship with the seller. This is where SUCCESS in your tax delinquent investment starts!

In conclusion, letters with proven success speak better of your interest with a certain property and using the ‘short type’ of letter yields the highest response because of its simplicity and clarity.

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