Life Changing Events

Life Changing Events

Brad Wozny recalls just a few turning points in his life that influenced his desire to succeed in the real estate investment arena as well as to assist fellow investors in finding their brand of success in this profitable industry.

In his younger years, his parents went through a bankruptcy that left their dreams crashing down like a house of cards. Although Brad did not realize it at the time, his determination to become self-reliant and successful began at this point in his life.

The second turning point in Brad’s life was working long hours for a supervisor who cheated thousands of dollars from him and for which he worked so hard for.

These two turning points in his life drove his determination to strike it out on his own. And strike it rich, while he was at it! Thus was born the ideas that would eventually become the 6 Figure Syndication System.

Within just 24 months after he started on his quest for a better financial future, he has made various transactions in real estate totaling $15 million. Today, Brad maintains his real investment syndication headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.

The 6 Figure Syndication Program
The program on real estate syndication success that Brad has developed is spread over 12 weeks, each week covering a different topic leading up to an end goal. Each weekly module, in turn, consists of multi-media tools like text files and video classes as well as 90 minute personalized consultations to reinforce the valuable lessons learned.

Students are provided with a website with which to access all of the services of the 6 Figure Syndication Secrets Program. Hands-on training and web events are provided for students to enable them to interact with other fellow students and expand their network of contacts, associates and leads.

You can become the next success story! It just takes patience, perseverance, the right tools and education and a little hard work to build your own real estate empire even with humble beginnings.

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