Live the life you want NOW

Live the life you want NOW

There’s a saying: Don’t dress for the job you have – dress for the job you want”. I like that sentiment, but let me tweak it just a little: “Don’t have the habits of the life you have – have the habits of the life you want.”

The idea I want to convey is this – don’t wait until you are rich to think like a rich person. Start now. View money and investments the way they do. Let your investments (not your savings) pay for your toys and trips, and pay yourself first.

Don’t wait until you have tons of money coming in to think about retiring – think about it now! Decide how much money per month you will need to live your ideal life and set up investments to produce that monthly cash flow.

So instead of just putting on clothes to get where you want to go, start by changing your entire thinking process. It’s hard work, but it’s the key to your success.

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