Maximize Profit Opportunities by Managing Your Time

Maximize Profit Opportunities by Managing Your Time

There is only one way of handling bulk postage for mailing letters. First Class mail is it. You can have three ways of doing it, One is that you get a permit from the post office and have it printed on your company stationary. Another is by getting one of those postage meters from the office supplies stores. You would have to buy credits from the post office to have the postage loaded into the machine. Or you can do it old school and use actual postage stamps.

Another idea is sending them postcards. There is an advantage that comes along with sending postcards. Because postcards are open, your message will be seen faster and read faster. Unlike letters that will need to open. Personally I think letters are more professional though and I get a better response with letters vs. postcards. Letter writing is classy and it is more formal. Whichever method you choose make sure that you make sure you make a great first impression. Ask yourself, as a tax delinquent investor, how you would like to be portrayed on paper. You would be surprised what little things make all the difference. For instance when I send letters out I make sure I use linen paper and envelopes. My prospects have seemed to respond better to this small difference.

When you are starting out in this business, you can probably spend some time to stuff envelopes and do it manually. But eventually when everything is going well I recommend that you contact a fulfillment house or purchase/ rent a mass mailing machine. The time saved by doing this will allow you to find more deals and sell more properties.

If you are sending 100 letters or less, I suggest that you write them yourself. Print it out at home by getting a fast printer. Be the one to fold it, stuff the letter on a neat soft envelope and put a stamp on it.

Now that I have been doing this business for years now, I have invested in a machine. It is programmed to fold the letters after it does the printing. It scans the edges of the letter and it prints the address on the envelope. It even seals the envelope. That monster machine processes 500 letters an hour.

As a tax delinquent investor, writing letters is like the air you breathe. It is absolutely necessary and can also be very time-consuming. You have to weigh out how you want to use your time. It is definitely worth paying some extra money as long as you are getting extra time to focus on more important tasks. Handling your mail is one of those tasks you can probably optimize and let go for more time. As long as you know how to delegate your tasks and use your time wisely, then you are definitely maximizing your opportunities for profit.

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