Knowing more about the tax delinquent investment property’s background helps you price the property appropriately. Knowing its history is one thing but to know that it’s been delinquent in taxes opens an opportunity for you, the Tax Delinquent Investor. How do you ask a property owner who has obvious delinquencies how much they owe in back taxes? There are usually diverse answers when you try to ask this very intrusive question to the seller. It’s either they know it, they don’t know it and will just give you an estimate or they don’t want to disclose it. So, being sensitive to their situation is useful. Try not to come on too strong and annoyingly intrusive for this may lead to your downfall.


You know a Tax Delinquent property still owes back taxes, attempt to ask the seller how much in a direct but non-insulting way. You can always call the county directly to find out this information, so you are really only asking the owner to see how well they manage their property. If they feel that you are sincere in asking, it may just lead them to disclose the amount. If you have a diversified investment portfolio in your business it might be best o group your investments together. Try to categorize the properties you are looking to invest in, in a spreadsheet like you do for your Tax Delinquent tax roll list, assessment roll list and FREE & CLEAR PROPERTIES. Properties belonging in the tax delinquent tax roll list and assessment roll list are properties that still have property tax debts. The usual and common answer from the seller is an affirmation. They either know how much they still owe or give you an estimate if they happen to not know it exactly. By knowing this, it’ll help you distinguish your capacity in negotiating with the seller. Knowing what price to offer and what you could do for the property can help you calculate how much is fair to offer the seller. By doing this, it will help you micro detail and research more about the tax delinquent investment property.


There may be lies and uncertainties along the way. Some sellers may be embarrassed that they owe property taxes but make sure you communicate to the seller that you are not trying to insult them, you are trying to help them get rid of that burden and maybe release them of their debt. The key in giving a good offer is to verify the information you have about the tax delinquent investment property and be positive about it. Micro detailing a tax delinquent investment property regarding the back taxes it owes helps you research more about the property and give yourself some time to think about your price offer. You will be able to gauge the value of the land or property you are looking to invest in as long as you have done your research right.  Finding the right properties is great for your Tax Delinquent Investment business but being able to find a fair price to offer to the tax delinquent is even better. In this business, it is only half the battle to find the right investment, pricing it is the other half to complete an ideal transaction.

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