We are now in the modern advanced age. We are in an era where we use technology to our advantage. It is now the age of the A.I. We use technological gadgets like mobile phones, computers, palm pilots, etc. in connecting with other people. Thus, making this world smaller and more convenient. With the fast developing times, one should be competent and be at par with the advancing technology. By using sufficient technology, it multiplies your output in tax delinquent investing. By harnessing the essentials of a computer, your life would be much easier.  A computer can really help you finish the job in no time.


What do you become when you know how to multiply yourself? It’s just basically using technology for your advantage. In the tax delinquent investment industry, you should be computer literate. Communication in this business requires speed and a lot of efficiency. Your computer and printer will be your best friends. They will become one of your most essential tools of the trade. By using the computer with Microsoft Office or any other word processing program, you should know how to use the merge mechanism to save you more time and energy. Merging letters helps you produce more letters in just a click’s time. Learn how to use this. It’s one of the very basic steps in automating your work. Another technology that helps multiply you is using a voicemail system. A voicemail system is a powerful device in receiving unanswered calls. Aside from your letter, the telephone becomes totally necessary to get in touch with the seller. Sending tons of letters hopefully means receiving tons of calls. Since you can’t possible answer more than one at a time (maybe two with call waiting). The voicemail is your savior in this case. It gives you a chance to record the missed phone call, give the caller an opportunity to leave a message and just call them back later.


We should know how to use technology wisely especially in mass-producing our tax delinquent investment letters. By having an efficient pc and printer, you would surely be always at your peak. You can multi-task and multiply yourself by using technology. They always said 2 heads are better than one, but in this case automation is best for multiplication. 

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