My live events…and having fun

My live events…and having fun

At my live events, I try to make sure that I give you all kinds of valuable information and techniques. I want you to get out there and start making tons of money investing in tax delinquent real estate – problems solving and creating win-win situations all over the place.

But does that mean that my live events are like sitting in a classroom for three days, reminding you of everything you hated about school?

Not at all. And that brings me to my final blog post of the week about my live events – enjoying yourself.

Reason #5 to come to my live events: having fun.

At my live events, I try to create an atmosphere where attendees can enjoy themselves even as they receive an education that will help them get their finances under control. If a person’s cell phone rings, they either have to do the chicken dance or donate $20 to charity. We crack jokes, we have awesome music to keep you pumped up during the breaks and intermission, and the sessions are interactive, which means that even the most hard-headed attendees will stay awake and interested!

I love what I do and I love the quality of life that I have. I want to make sure that my joy is contagious and easily visible, so even though we go through some pretty intense methods and techniques, we are never so self-absorbed that we can’t laugh. And the periodic giveaways of prizes and programs also help to keep the mood happy!

All this week, I have tried to help you understand that my live events are different. The people you meet, the team that works with me, the methods we consider, the distraction-free environment I create, and the fun we have should all be compelling reasons for you to join me at my next live event, which will be held in Phoenix likely at the end of April or the beginning of May, 2015.

See you there!

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