My live events…and my methods

My live events…and my methods

This week I am writing all about how awesome my live events are. You get to meet like-minded people from across the country (and often the world) and get to meet my staff, which is made up of real people who really care about you and your future.

Give me a few more minutes of your time today, and I will give you yet another reason to attend my next live event… the education you’ll receive.

Reason #3 to come to my live events: learning more about my methods

Anyone who reads my blog, my book, or who has purchased one of my training programs knows at least the basic of what I do. But at my live events I am not nearly as bounded by time and can elaborate on the steps for finding and flipping great deals. And the best part is that each section is custom-tailored to the audience. If I see that most folks already understand the basics, then I won’t spend much time on describing what tax delinquent property is and will instead move on to the meatier stuff. But if I see that the audience is made up mostly of newbies, then I will spend more time explaining the principles and ethics of what I do.

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For members of my Forever Cash Gold Program, I have periodic question and answer sessions. But folks who attend my live events can ask me any questions about my methods on the spot and get an immediate answer. My goal is to get you working as soon as possible.

Many of the attendees at my live events are successful students, and both through their comments and interviews, you can see how the methods worked in their case, how they have overcome obstacles, and how you can imitate their fine example.

My live events are a place to learn more about the methods that have made me and countless others financially free and able to focus on our passions. Will you join me at the next one?

Here's what some students have to say about Jack's Training Programs...


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