My live events…and the people who attend them

My live events…and the people who attend them

If you have been following my Twitter or Facebook account, then you know that I had an awesome live event the weekend of January 23-25 in Orlando, Florida.

About 130 people spent three days learning about various methods for investing in tax delinquent properties. Their comments were so positive that I decided to spend this week talking about my live events, in the hopes that maybe you will join me at the next one.

Reason #1 to come to my live events: spending time with other attendees.networking

When you talk about investing in tax delinquent land and houses with your friends and family, does it ever feel like you are speaking foreign language? When you tell them about deals you are working on, do their eyes glaze over and do they quickly change the subject?

If so, that’s okay. The simple fact is that not everyone GETS what we are trying to do here. They have been taught from a young age that the only way to earn a living is to get a job working from 9 to 5 and hope that you’ll have enough stashed away at 65 to retire.

But now imagine what it would be like to spend three days with like-minded people, people who are just as eager to hear about your deals as they are to tell you about theirs. Imagine being with people who are doing what you are doing, who are out there trying to swim against the current and refusing to march to the beat of everyone else’s drummer.

That is what it is like to be at one of my live events.

My live events are a place to network, to find people to partner up on deals with, to compare notes with, and to get pumped up by. It’s a place where you can have your investments strategies validated and where you can walk out armed with the confidence you need to go out there and to be a monster.

The information I present at my live events is top notch; but my favorite part is the people!


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