My live events…and time to focus

My live events…and time to focus

Life is hectic, and most of us constantly find ourselves scrambling just to get a few of the items on our to-do list done. If you are reading this blog post, chances are that you have at least recognized the possibility that real investing is the way to go. But let me ask you this: how many deals have you actually done? Have you taken the time to organize your schedule so that you can get out there and be a monster?
This week on my blog, I am sharing some of the benefits for those who attend my live events. Today’s has to do with the opportunity my live events give you to dedicate to your future.

Reason #3 to come to my live events: getting three days to focus on your real estate business

My live events are more than just a seminar – they are meant to be pivotal moments in your career as an investor where you can see a distinct “before” and “after”. I want you to use the opportunity to really see how the information applies to your specific situation and how you can get out there and put it into practice as soon as possible.

For three days, attendees at my live events hear about various ways of investing in tax delinquent real estate, anything from flipping land and houses to buying tax lien certificates and taking advantage of tax sale excess proceeds. As attendees listen to the information, they should decide which of the methods apply best in their case and what they need to do to get started investing.

I have seen that one of the biggest differences between those who have success with my programs and those who don’t can be boiled down to one simple phrase: “Faster is better than perfect”. In other words, those who get out there and take action as soon as possible are the ones who will see results. Those who find excuses to procrastinate are the ones who never will.

My live events are awesome for so many reasons; I hope to see you at the next one.

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