My SIMS bonuses

My SIMS bonuses

You have heard about SIMS (smart internet marketing solutions)
For real estate investors.

It's coming out tomorrow and it is killer good.

It helps you…

– find deals
– manage deals
– sell deals

– cooks dinner for you
– cleans up after you

Ok, ok perhaps not the last two features but it almost feels like it does that too.
Because most of all, it frees you up to do the things you like doing most.

What more can you want from a system.

I want you to order it throughout my link so you get all the
Fantastic bonuses listed here.

They also offer a sneak preview webinar tonight where you  will already
be eligible to get these bonuses.

Register for the webinar here
Date: today Monday July 12
Time: 9:00 pm eastern = 6:00 pm pacific

And here are the bonuses:

Bonus 1:

Access to one of my flagship programs, the “LandProfitFormula”
online so that you can learn how to get properties while you use sims.
After all you will have to know WHAT to invest in before you can use this
system to help you find deals, get deals and sell deals. And my land
profit formula program shows you exactly how to make thousands and more
from land that you buy for Pennies on the dollar.
Value: $997

Bonus 2:

You will received 2 = two tickets to my live seminar in September (in Orlando,
FL, or in October in Los Angeles, CA). This is your chance to meet me, hang out
with me and squeeze every ounce of knowledge out of me.

I am yours for the entire weekend.

You will learn the most up to date, cutting edge land investment techniques,
have access to me and my staff, And even learn new techniques which I have
not covered anywhere before. I am selling these tickets for up to $1997 each,
so that is a real value of $3,994

Bonus 3:

Because i want you to succeed I will even do something i haven't done for
two years and that is to offer you a free coaching call with me personally.
Yes you get on the phone with me, Jack and will spend 30 minutes on your
individual business challenges. Remember I have built 3 million dollar
businesses so far, so there should be something I can help you with.
Value: $800

Bonus 4:

An exclusive invitation to a series of webinars I will do explaining in
detail how you maximize your marketing power by using the social network
like Facebook and Twitter

Value: $997

Bonus 5:

12 months free access to cd of month club online.
For a full year I will give you access to the venue that I have
used to keep my students updated about my investment techniques.
Each month I publish a CD with my most secret thoughts on the market,
on how to make your business more profitable and other subjects like that.
And you will get a access to this for a full year for free.
Value: $324

Total value: $7,112

So attend the webinar tonight and act quickly .

You might have heard that the guys from SIMS have some kind of partner program
Where they do all the work for you. They have over (and I am not kidding) 110,000 people on the waiting list for this.

And only about 1% of them will get in.

So act fast (and once you order SIMs, email them and tell them you want MY bonuses ok)

So tonight is your first chance to get this (but you will HAVE to use my link, ok?)
Otherwise i can't honor the bonuses.

Ok now go get SIMS…
Date: today Monday July 12
Time: 9:00 pm eastern = 6:00 pm pacific


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