Notable Notes

Notable Notes

Our schoolteachers had always taught us to keep (volumes of) class notes. Do it again when learning about tax delinquent investing.

Notes always provide us information. They do not merely add knowledge but also guide us in making decisions. They are personal information that best matches our thoughts and thus, easy for recall. They are highly accessible information to us when we need it anytime and anywhere. Though the worldwide web overwhelmingly provides us loads of accessible information, internet information is not always as accessible as our notes. Some countryside just do not have internet connection or your laptop battery could possibly drain out. Notes are 24-hour accessible and thus are truly indispensable especially in this real property industry.

Notes are highly required in real property investment, where you list, at least, 100 properties. Naturally, just few of us could remember 100 things, each with complete descriptions. So, notes come handy to refresh our memory.

When on tour plan, take notes and pictures. Prepare sheets of descriptions of each property and take 5 pictures of each property to have a clear memory of each property. Note the properties with high likelihood of going to auction or redemption. Inspect ahead those environmental dimensions of the property. Is the property flood-prone? How far is the area to the city? What was its use at the time the owner still owned it? Is the property well-manicured or uninhabited? Does it have a history of being rampaged by a tornado?

Note as detailed as possible to give you a clear picture when you do your table analysis of the properties. In such, filtering would be easy and quick. Organize your notes, preferably, in sequence to avoid confusions or interchanges of details. Notes are easy because they are observable and investigative descriptions of the property. You just need keen senses and good probing skills.

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