One time Cash vs. Temporary Cash, vs. Forever Cash

One time Cash vs. Temporary Cash, vs. Forever Cash

Hi there,
If you are on this page you probably are part of my Jack Bosch GOLD Program
or at least part of the CD of the month Program

In this month’s CD of the Month I am Sharing with you a philosophy
that I have never really shared with anyone, yet that has dominated
the way I look at any financial investment or business opportunity for the last 10 years.

And that is the concept of
– One time Cash
– Temporary Cash (FLOW)
– Forever Cash (Flow)

I believe that the way to get to absolute financial freedom in your lifetime (actually I think you can do it in 3-5 years)
Is by focusing on generating as much Forever Cash as possible.

Ok, what is one time cash, temporary cash and Forever cash?

One time Cash is cash that you get one time in exchange for one unit of work. Meaning your job is a one-time cash source. You give them 40 hours in one week of work and they pay you for 40 hours. If the next week you don’t show up, you don’t get paid.
However Flipping land for CASH is also a one time Cash source. It’s a higher quality one time cash source than your job, because for one unit of work (one deal) you can make a much higher amount of money, but still it’s one time cash, because you don’t get paid again and again for that one CASH Deal).
AND the worst part about one time cash is, that if you stop doing deals, the money stops coming in.

Temporary Cash (flow) is money that comes into your bank account again and again for an extended but ultimately limited time. Meaning you work ONCE (or for a while) and then it keeps coming in for a few months, or years but then it ends one day.
Selling land or real estate on Seller financing or doing a lease option is a Temporary Cash source. You do one deal but you get paid again and again for a few years (up to 10 or even 15 years in some cases but it still ends).
The GREAT positive about Temporary cash is that you usually get a much higher return on your investment than with one time cash.

For example: a Land Flip might make you $5000 when you buy a property for $2000 and sell it for $7,000
But if you sell it with seller financing, you can usually sell that property for much more like, $10,000 or even $15,000 and on top of it you receive a high interest rate of often over 10%. So although it takes more time for the cash to come back in form of monthly payments you receive 2-4 times as much back. Pretty cool isn’t’ it.

But forever cash is still not the best way

So what is Forever cash?
Forever Cash is Cash FLOW that comes in to your bank account year in and out FOREVER,
(assuming the underlying asset is maintained and managed decently), whether or not you work or not.
Meaning a Rental house is Forever cash; Dividend Stock is Forever cash (although with a lower yield), renting land to a farmer is Forever cash, having a Cell phone tower or a billboard put on our land and renting that out is forever cash….

So if you have enough Forever cash you will NEVER have to work again, because the money is coming in again and again forever.

So the key to getting enough FOREVER CASH FLOW to retire forever is to
1. Start making more cash on the side (One time cash or Temporary Cash flow)
2. NOT SPENDING that cash but building it up on the sidelines (if anything use some to pay down stupid debt)
3. Then investing that cash into FOREVER CASH Assets
4. And then repeating that process in what I call a “Wealth Wheel” ever faster and in larger numbers.

The key here is to not SPEND the extra money you make, but to turn the wheel a few times and REINVEST your earnings from the ONE TIME Cash, the Temporary Cash flow, and the initial FOREVER CASH FLOW sources again and again in ever larger numbers and ever faster.

It is my estimation that EVERYONE can be totally financially free in a matter of 4-5 years using this philosophy

This method has catapulted me and my family from living in a rental apartment and having to rely on a job to being financially FREE in a few years (and by age 35)

Let me know what your comments are below.

Jack Bosch

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  • Paul Young
    Posted at 18:53h, 05 March

    I just finished listening to the CD of the Month about Forever Cash and I am very impressed! As a student of your Land For Pennies program, I have also thought about how to make the passive income more permanent. Your suggested method makes a lot of sense and actually is very similar to thoughts that I have had on the same topic.

    What really impresses me about your CD of the Month message is the balance that you always stress in whatever you are doing. You don’t say to save every penny from land deals to put towards more investments. You suggest dinner with your wife to celebrate successes. You don’t say to never buy a nice car. You suggest waiting until the time is right. Your suggestions about lowering the monthly payments by paying off “stupid” debt is very practical and really does lower your needed monthly income thereby magnifying the effect of your passive income.

    Since I’ve been to your house for Platinum Meetings, I am well-aware that, even though you live a very nice lifestyle, you don’t go overboard and buy the biggest house you can afford nor do you get the most luxurious car you can afford. You really live the philosophy that you promote to your students. I really like that!

    Let me know when the book comes out! Thanks!

  • Dorothea Dykes
    Posted at 17:09h, 13 March

    I really like your Cash Concepts and how you used them to build up a steady cash flow business with land sales etc. I would be thrilled to have this scheme emailed to the inbox I have indicated on this post, because I believe it could be instrumental in building up my online land sales considerably. Thanks for the business tips for a booming business. — Dorothea Dykes

  • Clinton
    Posted at 17:47h, 18 November

    You are my guru/hero Jack. INSPERATION #

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