Ought to Note

Ought to Note

My 6-week tele-workshops, direct email replies, instructional CD of the month, free sample documents and the internet are recommended references to learn and succeed in tax delinquent property investment. They will carefully prepare you in this business and teach you the tricks of the trade.

The tele-workshop will teach you 26 effective ways of selling properties. My direct email replies will enrich your understanding of the business, as they will answer all your inquiries. CDs of the month are instructional materials that provide you specific information of doing things related to the property investment. Free documents will guide you in drafting your own sales agreement, offer inserts and letters for property owners. The internet will provide you tons of information like plat maps, titles or just previous workshop recordings.

Those sources provide you essential information for the business, but they are not infinitely valid over time. The dynamics of tax delinquent property investment simply change over time. “New information” always comes up and requires us constant noting. A county might just revise a real estate-related policy or the bidding procedure. We should note facts, observations, ideas and even opinions every time we do internet search, document and email reviews and day tours. You also note to validate information because inaccurate information will definitely result to business failures.

These personal notes are supplementary information. Notes are more handy and accessible than any data source like internet. You cannot always browse the internet for information. Laptop and mobile phone batteries inevitably drain to prevent you from browsing.

Notes are more complete and accurate because they are primary data. We collect them first-handedly especially during day tours. Notes, thereby, are essential and indispensable.

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