Tax Delinquent Investment Winning Tips

Tax Delinquent Investment Winning Tips

This is the other side of tax lien investment. If you as the tax delinquent investor want a property to be yours, then remember that you should go for the property that will most likely not be redeemed by the owner. What you should be focusing on are the lower value properties that you have on your property list of tax lien auction properties. Here, all you need to focus yourself on is the smaller properties where the improved value is not so high. You basically mark the tax lien certificate somewhere between $50 to perhaps $600 in your property list. You may also want to discard all of the higher valued properties because chances are those will get redeemed by their owners or owner’s lender.

After the point that you already know which properties you want, all marked in your list. There will still be a few properties left over, which cannot be categorized, by cost, so there is still extra research to be done. You will need to get the addresses of these properties to know how to categorize them. Getting the addresses of these properties would probably take two or three hours, either in the county, or two or three hours on the computer, perhaps even less than that.

Once you have the addresses including zip codes, you can go and split these properties again in 2 different categories. Properties which are located in the metropolitan areas and properties that are located in the outskirts of town. Remember rural properties are more likely to be of the lower values. In this case you are doubling your chances that the owner will not redeem the property and you will be become the owner.

Getting information from the county is a skill set of its own but is only half the battle. Narrowing and categorizing that list is another. Knowing how to do this properly will be an important factor in winning that property and adding to your tax delinquent investment portfolio.

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