Paid options for marketing your real estate

Paid options for marketing your real estate

When you are trying to sell a piece of real estate, you don’t want to wait a long time to close the deal – especially if you are paying property taxes in the meantime. So let’s go over some paid methods for getting the word out about your real estate.

Set up a website: Once you have a few properties to offer, the benefits of setting up a website far outweigh the costs.

Online listings: Sites like and offer monthly packages of about $30 to $40 to list your property and to upload a bunch of pictures. If you plan on listing multiple properties, consider purchasing a package deal with them.

You can also place a classified listing on and use it as a funnel to your website – or you can auction your properties one at a time (good for sales with financing).

Local ads: Paying for a few words in the classified section of the local paper or putting up a sign on the property are paid ways of getting the word out. They might not reach as many people as Landwatch, but the people reached will be folks who know the area and who might be more motivated.

Online Ads: Finally, one option that might work (especially if you have set up a website) is to use Facebook ads or Google AdWords to create clickable ads. These ads will appear before a targeted audience or when a person searches for certain terms, and a click on the ad will take the person to your online listing.

These paid ads can get results quickly. But what if your budget doesn’t allow for paid options? Then be sure to read Friday’s blog post about free advertising methods!

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